Buying property for building your ideal home or whatever development you want to put up is a pleasurable experience. However, the intricacies of buying, selling, and leasing land, have some legal and procedurals that have to be done beforehand. The land search shows the exact property location which is very critical in the verification and search process.

The Ministry of Lands Kenya has indeed simplified the process of land search in Kenya through the eCitizen online search platform.

To access the eCitizen portal, you need to login into your account and click on the Ministry of Land, Housing, and Urban Development.


Since its introduction, the ministry expects all parcel owners to register their contact details by inputting into the system their full names, ID numbers, and title numbers.

Going digital has been a blessing to Kenyans as they are privileged with the opportunity to search for land, on an online platform, the Kenya land registry online search, from the comfort zone through their smart devices, be it a smart mobile phone, tablet or laptop. You can also pay for the services through bank transfers, credit cards and debit cards, or use mobile money. With the new online land title search in Kenya, the ministry no longer accepts manual registry and payments, and all land rent payments must be online based.

How to do an online land search in Kenya?

Cases of land ownership have for a long time haunted the corridors of the Kenyan courts. Many Kenyans have been fraud victims by being sold land by fraudsters who pretend to be the landowners, yet they are not the actual landowners. With the introduction of the Online land title search in Kenya, the problems will become less common as they continue to streamline the database.

Need any help?

Legalsure East Africa Limited helps you handle the legal and procedural intricacies of buying, selling, and leasing property. Our goal is to afford legal security to the property investor and to accompany the investor through the different phases of investing in property. Our experienced team has an in depth understanding of the full life cycle of land search, purchase and selling with all the clearance needed.

What you need to be aware of is that land in Kenya is under the ownership different entities including the government city council, groups, and individuals. This new online system allows checking of land rates and has saved Kenyan citizens from the brokers who have been fleecing them in the guise of helping them to conduct a land search at the different land offices. Some Kenyans have been forced to part with money in an attempt to trace missing files from the lands registry.

Did you know there is more than just a search to land transfer in Kenya? Here are some of the documents you need for land transfer in each stem

  1. Land Search Form: Filled and Submitted to the Registry
  2. Proof of Land Ownership (copy of title)
  3. Pin Certificate
  4. Identity Card
  5. Stamped Land Search Application Form
  6. Land Consent Form that has been filled and submitted to the Registry
  7. Valuation for Stamp Duty
  8. Payment slip for the Stamp Duties
  9. Four (4) Passport size photos
  10. Official Land Search
  11. Transfer Forms
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