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What is Succession?

The general meaning of the word, succession, is the process of following another. As a legal terminology, succession means taking the rights of another as

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What is a Deed Plan?

This is a signed plan by the Director of Surveys showing the precise particulars of a surveyed piece of land. It shows the details such

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https://www.linkedin.com/posts/legalsure-realestate_covid19-legalsure-future-activity-6668121187190640640-IwiX Have you been thinking of the future post covid-19? It is time to think of adjusting to the new reality and a healthy outlook

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The Land Registration Act

https://www.linkedin.com/posts/legalsure-realestate_land-property-propertyinvestment-activity-6652249635777728512-dmhI With the recent amendments to the Land Registration Act, beware that as a buyer it is now up to you and your advocate to

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